Snapseed vs Lightroom

Photo assignment 2.3.9 (Landscape)


rainbow storm less sig 25x25

“Arizona Rain Event” (Edited in Lightroom)

Value in the assignment:

Landscape and sunset shots involving light play are paramount to time properly. Ansel Adams was a master of this and way more patient than me. But I did work on this one for a while. At first the rain dump was the best and then the second rainbow came in –-wow. I also thought that I wanted to get it with my 200mm to get rid of the houses in the way (I knew if I drove toward the scene it would disappear before I got there). The 200mm was way too close. The 55mm was even too close, wound up going to the 18mm and getting the dramatic clouds directly overhead too which wound up emphasizing the rainbows and the rain dump even more.

DSC_0017-01 50x50

“Arizona Monsoon” (Edited in Snapseed)


Cropped to get rid of the backyard. Then… the two photo side by side are the same photo taken with the DSLR but edited in different application: Snapseed and Lightroom. Yes, Snapseed works with presets and maybe you’d call that cheating but the options are amazingly adjustable. Snapseed is better than any other smart phone editing app and I’ve tried every free one. In this case what worked better was the drama filter. I was able to get more definition from the clouds rather than in Lightroom (working without presets) where I had to work with exposure, contrast, the blue temperature and a magenta tint to get somewhat close to what I did with the drama setting in Snapseed. They both have vignette masks (the best filter that ever happened to photography, and I think the first!). Snapseed was able to give me this great frame (again adjustable) which accentuated the bizarre acacia bush branches in the corners and the cloud drama at the fringes, it just all came together.

The value for me in this editing job is that I should not apologize for my use of Snapseed over Lightroom. I began this class with that same question–Should I switch over to using Lightroom? After working with both, I have decided not to. Snapseed is the app that works for me. And I just found a user guide so I’m going to advance another level—watch out world!


How does the photo meet the assignment?

We could do anything we had not done yet and I’ve been open to connecting what the universe would send me as a subject and putting it with the right technique. That rainbow was a gift and landscape drama was the technique.


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